How to make the brain work effectively in distance learning?

I have two secrets for students: the schedule of the day and the combination of different types of thinking. Let's deal with this and use it in practice.

In everyday life, we combine two types of thinking: focused (concentration on the task) and distracted (distracted attention). Effective learning is the ability to successfully combine these modes of brain activity. Focused thinking is turned on to study new material, and distracted allows us to generate new ideas and approaches to solving problems based on knowledge and reflection.

How to turn on a focused mindset?

Before you start studying a new topic or reading a new chapter of a book, you should first form a general idea about it. And also read the questions for self-control before you start studying the topic in detail. It is necessary to do it in a quiet mode and not to try to remember this information. The benefit of previewing the topic is that it helps to organize thoughts and create neural hooks, which will then, in a focused mode, will be layered with the studied material. It can be very difficult to concentrate when you are writing a written work. Essay Assistant will help you with this, which will help you write your work in a focused way. A very good resource if you need to focus.

I am often distracted and can waste a lot of time on procrastination.

If this also happens to you, the work becomes ineffective: there is only time for superficial training. When I need to do a lot of tasks in a short period of time or work hard, the pomodoro technique helps me. Here's what I advise you to do:

  • turn on the "do not disturb" mode on the phone and place the device face down;

  • set a timer for 20 minutes, during which you work only on the task: watch the video of the lesson, fill in the forms of practical work, read the synopsis;

  • don't plan how many pages or tasks you want to complete, plan how many hours you want to spend studying the topic.

When 20 minutes have passed, you can browse your friends' Instagram pages for the next 10 minutes. If you do not have time to work on the topic in 20 minutes, put the phone down again, set the timer for 20 minutes and work hard. If you have time to watch the video and read the lesson outline on the platform, start making your own sketch outline. After creating a synopsis, feel like a winner and postpone the study of the topic until tomorrow!

I have a golden rule for learning something new :

Do not leave a fresh topic unattended for more than a day. Trying to remember the material learned is a much more effective learning tool than just rereading it or watching a video. Are you familiar with the feeling when during the lesson everything seems to be clear, and you can't hurry to the next lesson at all? Psychologist Jeffrey Carpike has shown in his research that students are often faced with the illusion of knowledge. They pay a lot of attention to re-reading the abstract or textbook, but little attention - it is the reproduction of the material. If there is an open synopsis in front of the eyes, then when you reread it, there is an illusion that the material is already in the brain. But this is not the case! What shall I do? Try to recall the information you learned while watching the video and reading the synopsis on the platform. What are the key ideas, rules, patterns in this section?

How to switch between mindsets to make learning productive?

In the break between focused learning, it is useful to include a distracted mindset. It involves other parts of the brain and seeks more creative solutions, frees the head from thoughts of the previous task. Did you notice that the best ideas come when we have already passed the test? This is the effectiveness of our scattered regime. How to turn it on? To think distractedly is not to lie idle and wait for the weather from the sea. Also in writing written works you need rest. This can help write my essay for me, which will not only help to write a work but also to relax. A good resource that will save you time in training.

It is just necessary to alternate modes of concentrated training and rest. Short breaks of 10-15 minutes can restore strength well. During this time you will have time to relax, move or chat with friends.

The most effective forms of recreation are gym activities, jogging, walking in the fresh air, dancing, taking a shower or bath, listening to music without words, playing familiar melodies on a musical instrument, meditation, sleeping, playing with pets or ambulance parents on the farm ( wash dishes, load the washing machine).

What should be used for recreation very carefully?

Video games, surfing the Internet, chatting and chatting with friends, watching TV series. These activities in 15 minutes or more can translate our brain into an even more focused way of thinking and increase fatigue. And you definitely do not need it during the distance.

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